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— Albert Einstein

Happy Clients


"I’ve never been considered a granola eating hippy. I had never given much thought to how I’d like to give birth. When I got pregnant something in me clicked. I had this intense desire to want to give myself and my baby the healthiest, most natural bonding birth and delivery. My husband and I were scared and stupid – we knew we needed help. I got the best doula ever! Leah was like a super educated sister/birth expert/friend. She was the support system I needed in my last trimester and the ultimate labor coach/guru during my labor. With her help I was able to accomplish my goal and deliver a beautiful, healthy 8 pound baby completely naturally. I cannot and will not do it again without the help of a doula. Overall, it was the most amazing, proudest experience of my life."

— Lacy

Initially we were unsure if we wanted or needed a doula. We weren't sure if the extra investment would be worth the service offered. We could not have been more wrong! The classes are fun and informative and their doula services are invaluable during the labor and postpartum process.
Having Leah was HUGE for us. She was helpful throughout the entire process. She helped us make informed decisions and deal with the emotional roller coaster. We plan on utilizing her services with our future births. "

— Sarah

So neat to have heartfelt evaluations from our care providers. Here's one: "Recommend her? Yes! in fact, I requested her cards; she was a huge blessing to me. If I need a doula, I'm calling Leah! She's respectful, knowledgeable and helpful."

— Dr.K