Offering years of experience and support in a judgment free environment.




Breastfeeding Appointment

$50/ 2hours —  It is commonplace for family and friends who love you very much to want to offer their opinions and experiences. While those can sometimes be helpful they can also be outdated or filled with the weight of guilt for choosing something different. Leah has atteneded multiple breastfeeding trainings covering the basics, lactation problem solving, training specifically for birth workers, and is a certified Breastfeeding Educator. Those first few days and weeks can be long and she can offer the help you need to feel successful in your breastfeeding journey, help identify problems or issues, and to help resolve any problems or help ease concerns that things aren't going well. On top of multiple trainings and her Breastfeeding Educator status Leah has also nursed 4 kids. (thats 5 years worth of nursing!) 

Your Best Birth Childbirth Classes

$200/ 6 hours in the comfort of your own home

What could be better than being in the comfort of your own home while you prepare for the big day. We would love to come to you and bring you the information to make the best decisions for your birth and feeding experience. Your Best Childbirth Classes teach on the following topics:

  • Birth Basics- Understanding the How & Why of labor and birth.
  • Building a Birth Team- Choosing providers and attendents wisley sets you up for success.
  • Optimal Fetal Positioning-  Knowing what position your baby is in and what is ideal can help you understand your body and work with it instead of against it. 
  • End of Pregnancy Tests and Procedures- What to expect from those last weeks when you visit your provider.
  • Writing a Birth Plan- Fail to plan is a plan to fail. Plan for the ideal and the unexpected to be sure your wishes are known to whomever is attending your birth.
  • Induction & Common Interventions- Learning what your options are and when interventions can be most useful is vital to making wise decisions for your labor.
  • Labor Sights & Sounds- Learning about each stage of labor and how the mother and the partner can prepare and manage their birth experience.
  • Hands-On Comfort Measures- Hands on technique for managing the intensity of labor and how to provide comfort during contractions.
  • Breastfeeding Basics- An in-depth look at latch, positioning, how to know avoid common problems and feel encouraged moving forward.
  • Tips and Tricks for the 4th Trimester- Fact-based information and practical advice to make your life easier while you settle into life with your new baby.



Postpartum DOula

Daytime: $20/hour -2 hour minimum

Overnight: $175/8 hours

Once your little one enters your world everything changes. It is the most amazing and difficult time all rolled into one. Wouldnt it be wonderful to have someone experienced come along side and support your family as you are learning on the job. Having someone knowledgable in infant care, baby wearing, swaddling, feeding, pumping, formula,alternative feeding methods, diaper changing... if you can think of it Leah has probably helped someone with it. What about an extra set of hands to help manage the basic tasks of newborn care. We want to help you where you need it and offer advice and evidence without the judgment or expectations that we sometimes have from family or friends. What about those long nights or life with multiples? We are more than happy to come along side once dinner is over and get everyone fed and tucked in. We can care for baby all night while mom and dad get a good nights sleep or bring baby in for feedings when it is time. The number one cause of postpartum depression is exhaustion, and even a few hours sleep can be so beneficial and change the whole next day. 

Postpartum Pampering and Belly BInd

$50/Bengkung Belly Binding

$100/Postpartum Pampering Session

At Palouse Postpartum we strive to nurture the whole postpartum time.  One of the ways we do that is providing postpartum belly binding.  We use the traditional Malaysian technique of Bengkung binding.  It feels at times like the American postpartum traditions are focused on mom getting back to her regular activities and work as quickly as possible while many other cultures take the time to nurture the mother and escort her through this period. We want her to have a few moments to stop and soak in some attention just on her.  If you decide on the Postpartum Pampering before the binding  you will have a wonderfully relaxing floral milk bath.  During this time its just about relaxing and healing with or without your baby.  This is meant to focus on mom and help her feel beautiful and pampered while the contents of the bath nourish her body and her spirit. This is a perfect time for some beautiful mother/baby photos as well. Leah isnt a photographer but is willing to capture these moments on your camera of choice. We will end with the wrap. The Bengkung style of wrapping is superior to other wraps because of its ability to be customized to your body size.  The Velcro wraps that can be purchased online or at the local baby stores are made in a one size fits all fashion.  The Bengkung wrap is about 15 yards long to begin with and starts around your hips at your pubic bone.  We then gradually wrap it around you and can contour it to your comfort and body shape with a nice strong foundation on the pelvis.  As we work up it looks like a series of knots going up your abdomen. Wrapping creates the support to help your abdomen heal and come back together quicker as well as protect it from some of the damage of being mobile and possibly straining the already weakened area while reducing the risk of further damage called Diastasis Recti.  We stop the wrap right under your bra and take advantage of more stabilization from your ribcage.  A side benefit to the wrap is that it creates better posture and can help keep mom from leaning over too much during breastfeeding and creating back pain.  Ideally, we like to come out and do the wrap 3-5 days after a vaginal delivery and after okayed by the Dr in the case of a cesarean.  We recommend wearing the wrap for around 12 hours a day for approximately 40 days.  While it is wonderful to have this pampering time when we come out, you or your partner will need to learn how to do this so that you can do it every day.  We will work slowly and explain each step as we go and also give you a chance to practice while we are doing it.  There has been so much information come out about how important the Core of your body is and having the belly bind is just one more way can be sure to care for our bodies now in order to be healthier in the future.