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How long have you been a certified doula? How many families have you served?

I have been a birth and postpartum doula for 5 years. I honestly have not kept count of families but well over 100. 

Are you supportive of formula or bottle feeding?

That is a wholehearted YES! I am a supporter of families choosing what is best for them and for babies being fed! I have helped many families do all of these and mixtures of these. My goal is to help you find success in whatever method you have chosen.

Will you do housework?

Unfortunatly this is not my expertise, and if you saw my house you might really believe me. I dont mind performing some light things to help like dishes or some laundry, meal prep or shopping but I feel like you would be better off hiring a maid if you would like your toilets scrubbed and your faucets shining.


Do you have experience with multiples?

I have been the postpartum doula for multiple twin families. This experience was so rewarding because to be honest there is not much that is more impressive than surviving a night alone with twins!

What is your stance on vaccines/Medications/circumcision/  any other hot button topic?

I'll never tell!!! But really these are highly personal hot topic issues that have nothing to do with my choices or thoughts. I can help point you to some good evidence based information on both sides of whatever choice you are looking at and then you can make an educated decision on what you feel is right for your family.